At Alpha Security, Inc., we believe that in order to be the best, we also must look the best.  First impressions have a profound effect.  We, therefore, take great pride in our officers appearance and strive to ensure every Alpha Security, officer appears professional, and in proper uniform at all times.  Since our officer's appearance represents who we are as a company, the image they project reflects on both our company and that of our clients.

Dress Code

Alpha Security, Inc., requires all of its employees to be well groomed and neatly dressed.  Exact specifications of grooming and dress are covered extensively in training.  Each of our officers must be dressed in full uniform at all times while on duty.  Proper appearance is strictly enforced by our on-site and field supervisory staff.  Proper appearance is awarded on a daily basis. 

The Uniform

At no charge to the security officer, Alpha Security, Inc., provides two types of uniforms, each suited for differing clients needs.  We take great pride in the design and quality of our uniforms. We believe they will afford a highly positive and professional image for our clients.

The Corporate Uniform

Designed for a corporate atmosphere, we provide a professional uniform including the following:

    •  Corporate blazer in either navy or gray with gold buttons and logo patch on        the left breast pocket.
    •  Corporate slacks in either gray or navy.
    •  White “Officer Shirt” with logo patch on the left  sleeve and a        pocket that provides a place for a name plate.

Standard Uniform

Our standard security officer’s uniform portrays an image of respect and self-discipline.  It also identifies a position of authority and, acts as a deterrent for those who have intentions to violate the clients property or rules.  Our standard uniforms consist of the following:

    •  White security officer’s shirt with company logo on  the left sleeve and a        silver badge over the left breast pocket.
    •  Navy blue slacks, black leather shoes and security officer’s hat.
    •  During inclement weather, a navy blue Parker coat with company logo and        a silver breast badge.

Uniform Replacement

At any time, an Alpha Security officer may replace any item that has become worn due to normal wear.  In fact, we encourage our officers in these matters in accordance with our philosophy of proper appearance.

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