Step 1: The candidate for employment completes an application.

Step 2: Alpha Security, Inc.’s Human Resources(HR) Manager interviews an applicant only after an application has been completed. Our HR Manager interviews the applicant with qualifying questions based upon his or her completed application form.  Alpha Security, Inc., thereby, ensures that we hire mature, responsible men and women with stable employment histories, experience, etc.  No applicant will be hired without having a personal interview. 

Step 3: Upon completion of the initial interview by Alpha Security’s HR Manager, previous employers will be contacted through written communication
or telephone to verify past employment in accordance with the prospective employee’s application form.

Step 4: After completion of the initial interview and previous employment verification, the information is turned over to our Operations/Training Manager.  The Operations/Training Manager reviews the information to determine if the individual possesses the qualities we are seeking. 

Step 5: During the final interview, our Operations/Training Manager will determine if the prospective employee meets our standards and qualifications.  At this time, a position of employment may be offered.  The final decision will rest with the Vice President/General Manager based on the recommendations made by the HR/Training Manager.

Step 6: Once a determination has been made that the perspective employee meets our requirements, the employee must submit to a drug screen.

Step 7: No Alpha Security officer will be assigned for duty until completion of our seven-hour Security and Motivational Training Program.  After completing our
in-house training program, the new hire is given on-the-job training during his/her first tour of duty.  On-the-job training is conducted by the appropriate field supervisor.

Step 8: Each employee will be administered a Maryland State and/or Commonwealth of Virginia fingerprint background check prior to assignment to verify a background free of criminal convictions. To receive a completed background check from Virginia, District of Columbia, and Maryland, the employees may work for two to three months before the final results are received.  To prevent hiring unqualified personnel, we conduct our own background investigations through a national computerized network which allows us to obtain an immediate check on criminal history, social security number verification, driving records and any professional licenses the applicant may claim to possess.

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