Alpha Security, Inc., recognizes that “top-notch” training of security officers is vital in order to provide our clients with the quality service they desire.  At Alpha Security, Inc., we have developed a training program, which deals with both the technical aspects of the security officer’s position, as well as the interpersonal foundations of such a position. 
At Alpha Security, Inc., we encourage our officers to maintain a positive self-image and take pride in their career with Alpha Security, Inc.

Classroom Training

Alpha Security, Inc., provides each of our security officers with
a mandatory, seven hour “Security and Motivational Training Program” before being scheduled for duty at any client’s facility.  Additionally, any employee being assigned to a Virginia work site will complete training at a required certified Virginia school.  Upon completion of the required seven-hour, in-house training, each newly assigned officer also receives on-the-job training during their first tour of duty and will have continuing training while employed with Alpha Security.  All on-the-job training is conducted by the appropriate field supervisor.

All in-house training is conducted by our HR/Operations Manager and our General Manager.  We believe that an intensive, proactive class, where all trainees are encouraged to participate, is the most effective method of instruction.  At the completion of each training block, a question and answer session is provided to help clarify any question or misunderstanding the student may have regarding the training.  Additionally, each officer must pass an examination at the conclusion of each training block before moving on to the next session.  A score of 75% is required before the officer can enter the next training block.



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