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Alpha Security, Inc
., is completely service-oriented.  The company vision is to become a world-class service provider that has direct payback to the local community it does business in.  Our primary mission is to assist our customers in accomplishing their objective with the goal of achieving 100% customer satisfaction with the service we provide.

The Alpha Security Team will perform according to procedures based on Total Quality Management (TQM) principles that promote the most effective interaction possible among all players. Our key TQM concept is that the needs of all customers are identified, considered, and executed with excellence as a keyword and as an end result.


2019 Martin Luther King Jr., Ave., S.E.| Washington, DC 20020 | Phone: (202) 869-0669
MD Lic# 106-5125 | DC Lic# 2061 | VA Lic# 11-1538